A Catechism of Modernism

A Catechism of Modernism

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A Catechism of Modernism is an attempt to organize into simplified form the tenets and beliefs of the Modernists -- whose doctrines and errors were roundly condemned by Pope St. Pius X. In his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, St. Pius X called Modernism "the synthesis of all heresies." Besides writing this encyclical condemning it, he also composed The Syllabus of Modernist Errors and issued the famous Anti-Modernistic Oath, which was heretofore required of all Catholic clergy. However, despite these valiant efforts by the Pope, Modernism survived to become the triumphant error of our post-Vatican II period.

Pope St. Pius X commended the author of this catechism and expressed the hope that it would receive a wide circulation. May its reappearance at this time serve to instruct the faithful about the subtle and pernicious errors of Modernism. Serious Catholics can do no better than to familiarize themselves with the contents of this book and put themselves on guard against this "perversion of the mind" that "leads to the annihilation of all religion."

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A lost art in Theology.

This book is drastically needed in today’s Church. If every Catholic read this book, especially teachers and professors, and took to hear its message the Church would correct itself in 5 years at maximum. It is so easy to fall prey to Modernism we need the Church’s wisdom to save us from it.

A Must Read to Discover the Machinations of Modernists

Modernism is still a pernicious heresy prevalent today more than any other heresy because it is the "synthesis of all heresies" as St. Pius X stated. However, from experience reading online blogs, forums, and news reports within orthodox circles, it seems many do not know the principles of Modernism. It is mostly used as a pejorative, not a smart accusation or judgement. With this easy to understand catechism, you will learn the methods of the Modernists. For example, their worldview, philosophical principles, and much more. A highly recommended read for every Catholic today.

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