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A Catechism of Modernism

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A Catechism of Modernism is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the influence and pervasiveness of the Catholic heresy of Modernism. Written by a faithful Catholic author, this book faithfully outlines the beliefs of Modernists according to Pope St. Pius X’s encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, The Syllabus of Modernist Errors, and the Anti-Modernistic Oath.

Unlike other books that simply list the errors of Modernism, The Catechism offers explanation and analysis through its clear yet detailed discussions. With chapters on topics such as “The General Nature of Modernism”, “Restrictions on Catholic Teachings”, “Modern Biblical Criticism” and more, you will gain an even deeper understanding into the tenets and influences behind this controversial belief system.

In addition to its in-depth explanations, The Catechism also provides advice on how to counteract the errors of Modernism through refutation. This guidance gives readers a balanced look at both sides of this important issue as well as actionable information that can be used for personal enrichment or for effective teaching to others about Catholicism and its stance on contemporary issues.

For those looking for authoritative reference material about one of Catholicism's most maligned heresies, A Catechism of Modernism is an essential resource with insight from Pope St. Pius X himself - truly a must-have book for those interested in understanding this issue from all angles.

Customer Reviews

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Nate Nobile
A lost art in Theology.

This book is drastically needed in today’s Church. If every Catholic read this book, especially teachers and professors, and took to hear its message the Church would correct itself in 5 years at maximum. It is so easy to fall prey to Modernism we need the Church’s wisdom to save us from it.

Z. P. Schmitz
A Must Read to Discover the Machinations of Modernists

Modernism is still a pernicious heresy prevalent today more than any other heresy because it is the "synthesis of all heresies" as St. Pius X stated. However, from experience reading online blogs, forums, and news reports within orthodox circles, it seems many do not know the principles of Modernism. It is mostly used as a pejorative, not a smart accusation or judgement. With this easy to understand catechism, you will learn the methods of the Modernists. For example, their worldview, philosophical principles, and much more. A highly recommended read for every Catholic today.