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A Noble Treason

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Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
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A Noble Treason is a remarkable and riveting true story of Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans, two university students who lived in Germany in 1942. As members of the Hitler Youth, their enthusiasm for National Socialism was tempered when faced with the Nazi’s brutal horror. Although once supporters of the party, they soon formed the White Rose – an underground group of students from different religious backgrounds. Together their mission was to print anti-Nazi leaflets which were then distributed throughout Germany, making them one of history’s most daring and courageous acts against a tyrannical force – A Noble Treason. The book comprehensively charts their journey: from initial actions to eventual capture and imprisonment. It speaks to the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things; bravely standing up to unthinkable evil, sacrificing everything to live by their conscience. A Noble Treason is comprehensive yet accessible; gripping events within a powerful narrative that both educates and inspires action in today’s world.

Editorial Reviews

"I thought I knew the story of the White Rose pretty well, but Richard Hanser provides detail, context, and insight that I have not previously encountered. A Noble Treason is an exciting read and a tribute worthy of the defiance and the sacrifices made by those students at the University of Munich when they were under the thumb of Hitler's minions." --Ronald J. Rychlak, Author, Hitler, the War, and the Pope

"This vivid account gives witness to the true spirit of man. One can only marvel at the patience, ingenuity and determination of these students as they pit themselves against Hitler and his Third Reich. Undeterred by the price to be paid if they were caught, their story reminds us of what true courage is and of our responsibility to do what is right. . . despite the odds." --Kurt von Schuschnigg, Author, When Hitler Took Austria