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Christianity and the New Age

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Publisher: Angelico Press
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Format: Paperback
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Christians and the New Age is a book that confronts the challenges of our changing world, offering a refreshing perspective on humanity, our relationship with God and how it can be embraced in society. Written by Christopher Dawson in 1931, the book analyzes humanism as a dangerous institution and offers an alternative to the Western culture in hope of restoring Medieval beliefs such as The Economy of Grace and The Great Chain of Being. This text provides insight that is essential for readers today to better understand our history, progress and struggles.

Although this book was initially published over a century ago, Christopher Dawson's words remain relevant and poignant. With modern challenges such as fascism, communism, materialism and the Great Depression, he argued that man had become too reliant on themselves without paying proper respect to their Creator or acknowledging their limitations or imperfections. Christianity and The New Age successfully challenges readers' preconceived notions in search of finding new ways to reframe our relationship with God while still embracing the world around us. The solutions presented throughout this book ensure readers receive both an honest examination with topics they may not agree on yet find crucial in modern times.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Vinciguerra
Great book.

Short and sweet. Analytical more than practical. Christopher Dawson is great and I recommend his essay free online "Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind."