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Devotion to the Precious Blood

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 56
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Devotion to the Precious Blood is a small but powerful booklet dedicated to deepening readers’ appreciation for the great gift of Jesus’ Precious Blood. Through inspiring passages, stories, and revelations relayed by saints, this booklet will help readers understand why the Precious Blood of Christ is truly a treasure of infinite value.

Those who come to recognize and cherish this priceless grace can also learn how best to offer that same Precious Blood to God for the atonement of sins and for obtaining all graces and blessings needed in life.

Classic Catholic prayers are included throughout Devotion to the Precious blood providing meaningful ways to offer individuals’ respective thanksgivings and petitions directly to our Lord through His divine grace. Special attention is paid here as well to the vivid and poignant revelations shared by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich pertaining to the scourging of Christ.

These heartfelt tales increase one's capacity for mercy whilst rekindling their internal flame - highlighting just how determinedly Jesus desires our souls' unfaltering commitment not just during Lenten season but year-round as well. Each page taken together invites reader into a rich devotional dialogue wherein they can discover anew what it means - and requires - to truly love Jesus.

Customer Reviews

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R S H - FL.

Devotion to The Precious Blood has rekindled in me a more profound respect for both The Blessed Sacrament & Reconciliation/Confession. The prayers in this prayer book are touching & inspirational & have led me to a far more deeper contemplation of Our Lord's sufferings. It's a wonderful meditation for Eucharistic Adoration!

Linda Mays
Devotion to Precious Blood

This little gem of a book is perfect to tuck into my purse for Holy Hour or read a bit of at bedtime.

Susan Watson

Very good.

Diego Aguilar
Cleanse us, O Precious Blood!

Since the Ascension of Our Lord, devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord has been a staple of Catholic devotional life. Henceforth, this booklet of some 50-odd pages, Devotion to the Precious Blood is a must-have for all Catholics. The booklet goes into detail about The Veneration of the Precious Blood, the significance of the Scourging of Our Lord, the Sufferings he endured for our sake, and the Cross he carried. It also includes two Litanies to the Precious Blood, Invocations, Hymns, and Prayers/Offerings of the Precious Blood which I highly recommend to any and all Catholics to recite. Before this booklet, I knew not why the Precious Blood of our Lord was vital, now I cannot be ignorant to it. Truly, this book will do wonders for those who want to know more, but have little time to commit fully, which is why this little booklet is an essential must-have to get a solid and, hopefully, fervent understanding of the Precious Blood of Christ. 5 stars for sure!