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The Intellectual Life

Publisher: Catholic University of America Press
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 264
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 Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods

In his book, The Intellectual Life, A.G. Sertillanges synthesizes an instruction manual for future Dominicans on how to dedicate themselves to their studies as intellectuals and lovers of truth. By writing this book, Sertillanges makes a compelling account iterating what a vocation to the intellectual life should look like. Written shortly after the end of the Great War, Sertillanges fills his book with concrete examples of what a routine day of the life of an intellectual should look like and what the spirit, conditions, and method of the rule of life should mimic. Ranging tips for memory retention to how dedicate your studies in light of God and your local community, The Intellectual Life is a compelling case on how to fall in love with truth that any serious Catholic bookworm or writer ought consider reading. 

Editorial Reviews

"Fr. Sertillanges's teachings are as timeless as any truths which describe the genuine nature of things. . . . This book is highly recommended not only for intellectuals, but also for students and those discerning their vocation in life."―New Oxford Review

"[This] is above all a practical book. It discusses with a wealth of illustration and insight such subjects as the organization of the intellectual worker's time, materials, and his life; the integration of knowledge and the relation of one's specialty to general knowledge; the choice and use of reading; the discipline of memory; the taking of notes, their classification and use; and the preparation and organization of the final production."―The Sign

Customer Reviews

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The Intellectual Life

Read this is college and it caused many three hour conversations. Nerdy people who want to plan out their rule of life should seriously consider reading this book.