Interlander - Tumblar House


Author: Thomas Ward
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tumblar House
Pages: 364
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Set in London 2065, society has continued its advancement in both philosophy and technology. People no longer suffer the hardships which previous generations faced. However, Sam Moorcroft, a teenager, is drawn to a particular village, primitive in nature. Designed as a sociological experiment, the village has no connection or knowledge of the outside world. Sam finds his new life to be rough but strangely appealing - so different from modern life. Amidst much turmoil, Sam eventually realizes that he is torn between the two worlds. Interlander is a thought-provoking tale that examines the impact that technology has on a person's spiritual life.

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Customer Reviews

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A deep exploratory endeavor, to walk in two worlds

The sci-fi quality of the book relates to the new type of humanity that liberalism promotes: an artificial humanity fashioned by man, not God. Whereas the people that are isolated in the "state of nature" as some philosophers might say, possess the old God-given humanity. It is interesting to note that these people develop a type of religion which shares many elements with Christianity. In this way, the author states that the existence of a Christian-type God is self-evident to all of mankind.

The work is ambitious in the sense that it explores deep philosophical concepts, but at the same time, it doesn't spell these things out for the reader. Therefore, the readers has to do the math himself. So a person who is looking for a story that satisfies on a more basic level will be vastly disappointed in this, for all of its enjoyment relates to the thought-provoking themes that translate to our own lives. Lastly, the book may disappoint readers who are looking for explicit Catholicism as is typical of books in the Catholic fiction genre. Nevertheless, the book is totally original and thought-provoking, making it a worthy endeavor for the adventurous reader.