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Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week

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Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Joseph Ratzinger's book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week, is a pivotal resource for modern believers to help them understand and appreciate the life of Jesus Christ. In this highly engaging work, Pope Benedict XVI offers an insightful and informed examination of the biblical accounts of Jesus' story in order to help us create an authentic picture of Jesus' physical being, his motivations, and his place in the world we live in today. Through careful consideration and a commitment to accuracy, Ratzinger brings together a variety of perspectives from the theological realm to assemble a vivid picture of Christ's actions throughout his final days on earth.

This wonderful volume gives readers an opportunity to look more deeply into Jesus' daily life and provides reflections about the deeper implications for our own lives as well. This text will give you enlightened access to history and context that allows you to see how influential Jesus continues to be today by showing readers how new insights can be found within the pages of holy scriptures.

Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week is an essential book for anyone interested in deepening their connection with God through learning more about his Son.

Pope Benedict XVI:

Originally a liberal theologian, he adopted conservative views after 1968. His prolific writings defend traditional Catholic doctrine and values. During his papacy, Benedict XVI advocated a return to fundamental Christian values to counter the increased secularisation of many Western countries. He views relativism's denial of objective truth, and the denial of moral truths in particular, as the central problem of the 21st century. He taught the importance of both the Catholic Church and an understanding of God's redemptive love. Pope Benedict also revived a number of traditions, including elevating the Tridentine Mass to a more prominent position. He strengthened the relationship between the Catholic Church and art, promoted the use of Latin, and reintroduced traditional papal garments, for which reason he was called "the pope of aesthetics". He has been described as "the main intellectual force in the Church" since the mid-1980s.

Customer Reviews

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An absolute treasure!

Pope Benedict provides the ultimate dissection of the bible with this 3 book series, as he makes brilliant connections between the old and the new testaments. As he states, the focus of his entire work is to vividly answer the question “Who is Jesus of Nazareth?” The answer is much more involved than you might think!

Probably the only frustrating part of the book occurs whenever Benedict gives time to the theories of other exegetes, of a liberal persuasion. But there is a payoff--- he does this to inevitably to explain how their theories are misguided and wrong. This leads to my favorite line in the book: “Here, theory predominated over listening to the text [Scripture].” In other words, Benedict is saying in a heroically humble and gentle way that these crazy liberals don’t even bother referencing the Bible to support their theories.

My favorite section of the book was definitely the area on Jesus’s temptations in the desert, and how each of them teaches a valuable lesson to us – how each temptation is emblematic of very broad, very pervasive temptations that we all experience.

These books are an absolute treasure!