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The Life & Revelations of Saint Gertrude the Great

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 545
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If you're looking for an engaging and inspiring way to deepen your spiritual journey, The Life & Revelations of Saint Gertrude the Great is the perfect book. An acclaimed classic of Catholic literature, this volume contains the conversations that St. Gertrude had with Our Lord, in which He reveals secrets of Heaven, spiritual shortcuts and more that can help guide all of us on our spiritual paths.

From gaining a greater sense of how prayer affects our lives to truly understanding how good works reward us, these revelations open up a window finally giving us a view into the workings of Heaven - something that we all have longed for! But it doesn't end there - we also gain insight into how liturgical celebrations on earth can have an undeniable impact in Heaven, proving our actions are more powerful than ever believed possible!

If you want to heighten your spirituality and discover more about heavenly life, grab your copy of The Life & Revelations of Saint Gertrude the Great today! With its captivating stories, inspiring messages and incredibly valuable knowledge, this inspiring book will take you far along your divine journey.