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Maelstrom (Storm & Spire #3)

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Publisher: Self-Published
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 356
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A powerful cabal has fallen.

A princess has chosen duty over love.

An ancient threat waits amid the shadows.

Wes Cervos has recovered a new portion of the Codex Veritatis, but his increased knowledge of the High One comes at a terrible price. Whitespire has been destroyed, and the realm of the dragons has fallen into chaos.

Wes and his friends have once again sought refuge in the city of Auranth, but this time, they are no longer willing to hide. Across Kaveryth, confidence in King Ursa has begun to crumble, and new allies now seek to take a stand against his lust for power.

As the elves threaten invasion from the west, an unexpected threat rises in the north. The forces of the Four Kingdoms have been stretched thin, and impossible decisions threaten to sever even the closest of family ties.

Wes and his friends must trust in the High One to act, or all of Kaveryth will fall into darkness forever.

Storm & Spire is a Christian fantasy series, perfect for readers who enjoy fantastical creatures, political intrigue, and a touch of clean romance.

Stefanie Lozinski:

Stefanie Lozinski lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, two young children, two cats, and a whole lot of books. When she isn’t homeschooling her little ones, you’ll find her on a long walk, drinking coffee, praying a Rosary, or working on her next novel. Find out more at

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