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Mary Day By Day

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Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Corp
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Format: Imitation Leather
Pages: 191
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Mary Day By Day is a profound celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholic faith and worship. With 365 meditations for each day of the year, Rev. Charles G. Fehrenbach, C.SS.R., gives us a powerful tool to grow closer to our beloved Mother – from her apparitions to her titles and roles as Queen of Heaven and Mediatrix of All Graces. Incredibly detailed with Scripture passages, quotes from the Saints, and concluding prayers, Mary Day By Day is a perfect way to include more devotion to Mary into your daily ritual. Beautifully printed in two colors with over 300 illustrations, this unique book also includes a ribbon marker so you can easily reference your favorite Marian meditations whenever you wish! Mary Day By Day is an unforgettable experience that brings richness and meaning to every devoted follower of Mary's loving care throughout the entire year.

Customer Reviews

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Franz Birzer
The Perfect Prayerbook!

I highly recommend this book because it's a quick form of prayer book for busy folks on the go. Each day of the year has a short Bible verse, saint's reflection, and Marian prayer. What I like most about the format is the quick efficiency of time it allows as there's an attached blue ribbon giving quick access to the short paragragh sized verse, reflection, and prayer. As with all prayer, one can be lazy and forget about it 5 seconds after reading, but I find myself reflecting on the messages and prayer throughout the whole day.

It's one of those books that feels comfortable in your hands because it's so very well made with excellent binding and beautiful blue dye page edging that I found quite aesthetically pleasing. The pages also have red ink highlighting of Bible verse, saint's names, and section titles that aid in quick detection of important parts.

Samuel Safreed
Great Devotional Book

This is a very good book for those who wish to grow in devotion to Our Lady. It is filled with short quotations from Sacred Scripture and the Saints.