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Sanctify Your Daily Life

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How to Transform Work Into a Source of Strength, Holiness, and Joy 

Sanctify Your Daily Life offers a unique and revolutionary approach to transforming your workplace into a source of strength, holiness, and joy. Written by Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski -- the teacher of St. John Paul II -- this book is sure to help you develop an attitude of holiness regardless of the type of work you do. It's a powerful tool for helping individuals find purpose and meaning in their daily tasks.

Using principles derived from the teachings of Roman Catholic Christianity, Sanctify Your Daily Life will provide actionable tips and techniques that can be used to make any job an avenue for spiritual growth. When implemented faithfully, this book will lead to greater satisfaction in life and work, as well as enhanced productivity resulting from living a life based on faith rather than fear or anxiety.

Work ought not to just be about earning money; but it should also provide us with opportunities to build up our character, cultivate virtues, and grow closer to Christ. With Sanctify Your Daily Life, you'll find the tools necessary to turn any mundane task into an extraordinarily great life-changing experience that brings joy rather than stress. Transform your work into something meaningful today with Sanctify Your Daily Life!

Cardinal Wyszynski will teach you:

  • How to avoid burn-out at home or at the office
  • How to pray in work, instead of merely at work. Five steps you can take
  • How work can help you discover (and overcome) hidden character flaws
  • Your failures on the job. What you should learn from each one of them
  • How to develop inner peace even amid the din of phones, kids, and machines
  • Five steps to help you offer all of your daily tasks to God
  • Six virtues work instills in you when you have the right attitude!
  • Why it's wrong to think that God made work a punishment for sin
  • Office politics and family stresses how to defuse them before they do harm
  • The real reason copiers jam and dishwashers quit (knowing why will help you)
  • How to make even the worst job bearable
  • How to hang in there in hard times: perseverance, and how it can be yours
  • Three things that cause discouragement at work and how to eliminate them
  • God's plan for the work you do, no matter how humble it may be
  • Plus: dozens of ways to make your attitude better, your work easier, and your life holier

Editorial Reviews

"This book shows you how to turn your work into a service of love."
Alice von Hildebrand, Philosopher, Theologian, Author

"These pages should be read by all those who labor."
Lech Walesa, Former President of Poland

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