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The Book of Destiny

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 526
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The Book of Destiny by Fr. Herman B. Kramer is a groundbreaking work of analysis on the Apocalypse. It delves deep into unpacking the secret nuances, prophecies, and language of the New Testament’s most enigmatic book.

This book provides clear and comprehensive insights into the symbols, messages, and meanings imbued in Scripture. Proving the Apocalypse to be a prophetic history of the Catholic Church—this unique work covers each chapter & verse to provide an easy-to-follow narrative that clarifies what may have otherwise remained lost in time.

A masterpiece, this book also offers readers insight into our current world, through its exploration of what lies just beyond our present day. Devotees are given the vital keys to understanding end times prophecy within The Book of Destiny—presenting tangible evidence that we are indeed on the brink of dramatic events!

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Busy mom

This book was recommended to me. Although I'm a busy, working, mom which leaves me little reading time, I decided to make the purchase. (I'm so glad that I did!) The book is laid out in short chapters that are easy to bookmark and the information leaves the reader with the desire to continue reading. I haven't finished the book, however, the content I have read is accurate and interesting. It's a "must purchase"!