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The Cure of Ars: Patron Saint of Parish Priests

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 143
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The Cure of Ars: Patron Saint of Parish Priests is a riveting biography of St. John Vianney, one of the most inspiring and powerful figures in religious history. Born Barthelemy Francois Vianney on May 8th, 1786 in France, St. John overcame any obstacle he faced in the belief of serving God’s compassion and wisdom. His story begins with him barely succeeding to become a priest but from then on his legacy stands tall among believers for hundreds of years since he passed away on August 4th, 1859 at the age of 73.

The great St. John Vianney always strived to be close to God even before being a priest, once proving this wish was truly genuine by walking 40 miles while following a statue that oozed water said to have been holy water through rural France. In addition, the virtuous life this saint led against dark forces such as the devil transformed him into a familiar object of mimicry and admiration throughout churches around the world even today.

Becoming renowned as ‘The Patron Saint of Parish Priest’, reading The Cure Of Ars will give you an insight into his life which went beyond simply fulfilling priestly duties alone; actively devoted to battle demonstrations of evil as well as practicing piety for hours every day in order to help others reach spiritual enlightenment . Fully detailing St John’s journey from humblest roots to immortality-like status, The Cure Of Ars gives readers access to experiencing prominent events such as working hard during confessions or having interactions with beloved Mother Mary over his lifetime.

After experiencing palpable flashbacks back in time towards obscure nineteenth-century rural French towns due to St John’s narrative and thrilling adventures packed full of blessings from Heaven it is evident why The Cure Of Ars: Patron Saint Of Parish Priests - A Biography Of St John Vianney is an essential read for all individuals who wish to travel through time and gain meaningful insight into what living faith can offer us today!