The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton

The Father Brown Reader

Publisher: Hillside Education
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Adaptations of 4 of Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries for young readers: "The Blue Cross," "The Strange Feet," "The Flying Stars," and "The Absence of Mr. Glass."
Nancy Carpentier Brown:
Nancy Carpentier Brown

Nancy Carpentier Brown is a Catholic wife and mother. She podcasts for the American Chesterton Society with the show Uncommon Sense, which can be found on iTunes. Nancy is an award winning poet. She writes a regular column for Gilbert Magazine, as well as contributes articles, interviews, and book reviews to Gilbert and many other publications.

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Lovely stories

I remember reading these books (part one and two if I recall correctly) when I was a little kid. They are wholesome as well captivating! 5-stars for sure & I recommend to show to your kids!

Sarah Reinhard
A New Favorite for My Kids (and Me!)

The stories in this collection are perfect for middle grade readers or for reading aloud to your favorite preschooler. They're amusing and unexpected in all the right ways. (I guess that makes them great for adults too...)

These adaptations will have you going back for the full-length originals. You'll enjoy them as much as your kids do, and maybe you'll have a chance to read the originals together too!

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