The Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

The Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

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This is considered to be the best biography of The Saint of the Sacred Heart Devotion. The whole story of the revelations, plus the definitive story of her life. Portrays St. Margaret Mary as a redoubtable soul, ready to give all for Jesus. And what an example she is! It is largely due to St. Margaret Mary that we know what we do about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Impr. 388 pgs, PB
Emile Bougaud:
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was a French Roman Catholic nun and mystic, who promoted devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in its modern form. She worked to prove the genuineness of her vocation and her visions of Jesus and Mary relating to the Sacred Heart. She was initially rebuffed by her mother superior and was unable to convince theologians of the validity of her visions. A noted exception was Saint Claude de la Colombiere, who supported her. The devotion to the Sacred Heart was officially recognized 75 years after Alacoque's death. In his encyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor, Pope Pius XI stated that Jesus Christ had "manifested Himself" to Saint Margaret and referred to the conversation between Jesus and Saint Margaret several times.

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