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The Mystical City of God

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Publisher: Tan Books
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Format: Paperback
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Uncover the captivating mysteries of the Blessed Virgin Mary with The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda. This highly acclaimed abridged edition of her monumental, four-volume work is overflowing with fascinating information about our Lord and Lady, including their lives prior to the New Testament, Lucifer's rebellion in the form of Satan, and so much more. Learn about the real meanings behind passages from the Bible and explore Christ's hidden life like never before.

This book has been acclaimed by popes, cardinals and theologians as one of the greatest Catholic books ever written. Reveal that St. Joseph ate meat while Our Lord and Our lady seldom did and make Christ's hidden life come alive – all within this one must-have Franciscan Marian Library edition! Plus, you'll also learn about interesting topics such as locations in hell, ripples in heaven, secrets of Adam's temptation, effects of original sin on creation, nature's miracles through Jesus’ power and much more — all guaranteed to expand your knowledge base when it comes to the foundation blocks of Christianity.