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The Popes Against Modern Errors

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The Popes Against Modern Errors is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to understand the 160-year battle against the social, political, and religious errors that arose out of the French Revolution in 1789. To this day, many of these errors have become the common beliefs accepted by the public without question. In this publication, direct from original sources, one finds a wealth of papal teaching on these topics that spans centuries and reveals the breadth and depth of this fight against days gone by into modern times.

This is an essential guide for those who wish to study social philosophy and theology. With it, researchers will find an authoritative source of papal warnings identifying modern errors that had been echoed down through history and still continue to plague society today. Professional theologians and teachers may also benefit greatly from this comprehensive overview of Catholic thought against erroneous ideologies which contain numerous standards and convincing arguments laid out point by point in language sure to inform any reader regardless of their background or expertise level in matters of faith or culture.

No matter your individual interests in understanding papal teaching throughout the ages and insights on specific issues facing society today — The Popes Against Modern Errors provides a significant resource toward appreciating why absolute authority among some teachings remain fundamental values although technology changes our way of life. So why not explore an ancient source for much-needed guidance as we strive for truth amidst error? Get your copy today!

Customer Reviews

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There is nothing new under the sun!

It’s amazing to see how popes almost 200 years ago wrote about the same issues we are seeing and dealing with today! A must-buy, not only for a Catholic, but a keen observer of modern issues we continue to share in common with our forebears.

Zane Linback
Concise and intellectually stiumlating.

These papal documents are essential to an understanding of the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church in the present desert of sound catechesis and philosophy.

Clifford Wheeler
Important book

Great to hear the Popes condemn what so many people today hail as good and true. By their fruits we shall know them and the fruits of these modern ideas are rotten.