The Spear: A Novel of the Crucifixion

The Spear: A Novel of the Crucifixion

Publisher: Ignatius Press
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This panoramic novel of the last days of Christ ranges from the palaces of imperial Rome to the strife-torn hills of Judea-where the conflict of love and betrayal, revenge and redemption, reaches a mighty climax in the drama of the Crucifixion. For this is the full story of the world's most dramatic execution, as it affected one of its least-known participants-the man who hurled his spear into Christ on the Cross. Among his many successful historical novels, Louis de Wohl considered The Spear the magnum opus of his literary career. "Exceptionally powerful ... an excellent piece of work!" -Chicago Sun-Times "A brilliant and panoramic picture of the events and personalities surrounding the Crucifixion." -Catholic Messenger "A magnificent novel. It tells from a new and fascinating angle the age-old story of the men and women who were sublimely affected by knowing the Messiah, Jesus Christ." -Boston Herald was a distinguished Catholic novelist whose popular historical novels on saints have been best-sellers worldwide. Other titles include Lay Siege to Heaven, Citadel of God, Set All Afire, The Restless Flame, and The Quiet Light.
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Customer Reviews

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This is a classic for a reason!

I've never read any Louis de Wohl, but I'll be reading more after this introduction to him.

This book examines Jesus's life and passion and death through the lens of real people. It's truly almost a spiritual read...and, though I claim NOT to like historical fiction, I think this is definitely historical fiction and it's WONDERFUL.

I caught myself, while reading it and since reading it, listening to the Gospel readings at Mass differently, actually hearing a voice and picturing people. This gave grit and dirt to things that I think I take so much for granted: the wonder of our faith and of the real-life events that happened during Jesus's life.

Even though I knew the story, I didn't. At all. Truly, a masterful work that should be required reading for...well, for all of us. GOOOOOOOD stuff.

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