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The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas (5 Volumes)

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Few books have had as profound and lasting an impact on Christian thought as St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. A masterpiece of synthesis, the Summa brings together all that can be known about God and humanity's relationship with the divine. Written in a clear and concise style, the work is divided into three parts, with each part dealing with a specific aspect of the Christian faith.

The first part, which focuses on God Himself, His nature and His attributes, is perhaps the most important and influential section of the work. In it, Aquinas argues that God is the Prime Mover and First Cause of all things, and that He is perfect in every way imaginable. This section also contains some of the most important statements made by Aquinas on the nature of evil, free will, and predestination.

The second part deals with Creation, Fall, and Redemption, and includes Aquinas' famous arguments for the existence of God based on reason alone. This section also includes a detailed discussion of human nature and morality, as well as a thorough treatment of Christology.

The third part focuses on the Sacraments and their role in salvation. Here Aquinas provides a comprehensive overview of all seven sacraments, including their history, development, and significance in Christian life. He also discusses such topics as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and other acts of religious devotion.

No matter what your beliefs or background may be, the Summa Theologica is sure to challenge and engage you like no other work of Christian philosophy. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of your faith, or simply want to explore one of the most influential works of Western thought, look no further than St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica.

St. Thomas Aquinas:

St. Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 7 March 1274) is a Doctor of the Church. He was an Italian Dominican friar Roman Catholic priest, who was an immensely influential philosopher, theologian and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism, within which he is also known as the "Doctor Angelicus" and "Doctor Communis".

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