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The Way of Divine Love

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The mission given to Sister Josefa Menéndez by Our Lord.

The divine words of the message, addressed to the people of the world, are a reminder of the Love and Mercy of Our Lord. Jesus considered it necessary to come and confirm the promises of the New Testament with the words of the 20th century. Thus, nineteen centuries after having declared it during his public life, Jesus asks Josefa to remind us, and to confirm to us, in a very clear way, that he is a God of love, forgiveness, and inexhaustible mercy. The calls of redemptive love and mercy that Our Lord asked Josefa, his messenger, to transmit to the people of the world, are summarized in the words that Jesus addressed to her during the 4 years that she spent in the convent of Les Feuillants in Poitiers.

On the evening of February 24, 1921, at the Holy Hour, the call was explicitly renewed. Our Lord said to Josefa:

"The world does not know the Mercy of my Heart. I want to use you to make it known .... I want you to be an apostle of my Goodness and Mercy. I will teach you what this means, forget yourself."

On Monday, June 11, 1921, a few days after the feast of the Sacred Heart, Our Lord said to her: "The only desire of my Heart is to imprison you in Him, to possess you in my Love, and then to make of your lowliness and fragility a channel of mercy for many souls who will be saved by your means... I desire that you write down and keep all that I will tell you. Everything will be read when you are in heaven. It is not your merits that incline Me to make use of you; but I want souls to see how my Power makes use of poor and miserable instruments". -

October 14, 1923 Jesus said to Josefa: "Yes, Josefa, I am the Son of the Immaculate Virgin, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus, the Son of God and God Himself, who has clothed My holy Humanity to give My Blood and My Life for souls... I seek them now to show them my Love and my Mercy, and for this reason I have lowered myself to you...".

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, through Josefa, makes a great appeal to the world for love, and manifests his infinite Mercy. This is what makes the novelty and strength of the message, signed by the divine hand, that Sister Josefa Menéndez transmits to us ("A Call to Love").

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