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Theology for Beginners

Publisher: Ignatius Press
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 197
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Clear, precise and inspiring, Theology for Beginners has been acclaimed as one of the outstanding modern introductions to theology. More than a compendium of the central doctrines of Catholicism, however, the book is designed to equip you with the information you need to understand key doctrines and to explain them to others. Along the way, you will find yourself falling more deeply in love with your faith and more confident of your ability to bring healing and hope to what Frank Sheed called "a society that is losing contact with God."

Theology for Beginners will help bring the truth to life in your soul.

Doctrines discussed:
The Trinity • Creation • The Nature of Man • The Fall • Sin • Redemption • The Incarnation • Grace • Christ's Death • The Resurrection • The Kingdom • Mary • The Holy Spirit • The Sacraments • The Eucharist • Baptism • The Second Coming

Theology for Beginners has been acclaimed as one of the outstanding modern introductions to theology. It is a clear, precise, and inspiring compendium of the central doctrines of the Christian faith. Frank Sheed makes the profound truths of theology not only understandable but exciting reading for the Catholic layman. A Servant Book.

Customer Reviews

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Deeply profound, brilliant, and insightful.

Deeply profound, brilliant, and insightful. It is a definitive volume that should be included on every bookshelf devoted to the subject. The writing is clear, yet eloquent and filled with Truth. It is paradoxical in that it is complex, yet simple, in approach and content. Then again, the greatest paradoxes often contain the most beauty and truth.

A cursory glance at the table of contents may lead the reader to believe that he is sufficiently knowledgeable about the subjects under discussion. But I urge you against passing it up due to such an assumption. Despite prior knowledge, I found that I grew in understanding because of the philosophical bent of the material. It provides, therefore, a deeper understanding of that which we may already "know". Theology is the greatest and truest form of philosophy, and this is a wonderful example of it.

John Savin
Theology For beginners

Your faith grows as your knowledge of it does. This book was recommended to me and I will pass on the recommendation of this gem.