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Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence

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The Secret of Peace and Happiness
Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure gives readers the essential wisdom and comfort needed when facing life's difficulties. This book offers clear answers to complex and often uncertain philosophical questions such as, why does God allow evil? Why is there suffering in the world? And how do we practice trustful surrender? Trustful Surrender brings us the enlightened two-fold answer if we trust in the divine will, regardless of our current restless situation, we can attain true peace and serenity.

To help understand God's great plan, Saint-Jure examines the lives of biblical saints and sinners alike — Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Paul — as well as many other stories from Scripture that illuminate how through faith and trust in God’s will we are able to live a more fulfilling life full of hope. Herein lies the key components regarding the power of trusting in the divine: faith without doubt, prayer without ceasing, and works without exhaustion—all these will lead us to joyous tranquillity.

The teachings found within Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence provide an essential bridge between philosophy and spiritual practice for devout Christians seeking a deeper understanding of their relationship with God’s will. By trusting in divine providence it is possible to achieve inner peace from within our sometimes chaotic outer circumstances. Embark on your journey towards spiritual awakenings today with Trustful Surrender by Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Little Book on the Main Objective of Christian Living

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence is a well known Christian classic. As such, I should have read it a long time ago. Due to various trials in my life, a part of me did not trust divine providence and was unwilling to read a book on that subject. (Even as I recognized divine providence helping me! How tortuous is the human heart!) The price of the book and its status at last broke down my reticence, and I gave this pamphlet-sized work a try.

Now, I can confirm that it is an excellent book to read, and I gained much peace and humility from reading it. It requires only a small investment of time, but increases one's resolve to live in conformity with God's will, which is the ultimate goal of Christian living. I highly recommend this little book to everyone.