The End of Democracy

The End of Democracy

The End of Democracy 1944339086
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Book Summary:
Most people would agree that democracy throughout the world is in deep trouble. From the polarizing politics of the United States to the endless refugee crisis in Europe to the rise in radical Islam, there is a widespread feeling that our way of life—political, cultural, and social—is under siege. But what if democracy itself is to blame? What if the current threats are not distortions of but inherent to democracy? What if the solution to our present ills is not “fixing” the system, but junking it entirely? Christophe Buffin de Chosal asks these forbidden questions, and answers them unarguably with Gallic wit and glittering style. If you read only one book on politics this year, let this be it!
About the Author:
Christophe Buffin de Chosal

Christophe Buffin de Chosal is a Belgian historian and a writer. He is married and the father of six children. He lives in Belgium. He has worked for 25 years as a high school and university teacher in the fields of History, Economics and Politics. His main fields of expertise are Medieval and Modern History, Modern and Contemporary Politics. Since 1988, he has written articles for Correspondance européenne, a French-speaking press agency based in Rome.

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The End of Democracy
5 Stars 5 Stars
on October 29, 2017
This is a great book that everyone should read.
The End of Democracy
5 Stars A lot of thoughts I've had about Democracy...
on October 31, 2017
Excellent book, just really backs up a lot of things I have thought about over the past few years. I wish more people would put down the crap sandwiches being fed to us and realize there are better alternatives.
The End of Democracy
5 Stars A work which challenges the core of modern political philosophy
on November 4, 2017
The most substantial rebuttal of the modern Western polity. Charles A. Coulombe's introduces a work which challenges the core of modern political philosophy, and de Chosal delivers a deadly blow to an institution commonly accepted as good - though democracy's true nature is revealed.
The End of Democracy
5 Stars Anything Goes
on October 24, 2017
Just walking around with the book in hand started conversations that raised eyebrows. Questioning Democracy? Who would dare question Democracy? In our modern age of craziness and mockery of any and all things, is politics, in particular Democracy, expected to be taboo? A great quote, "Since democracy's beginnings, there has been a monumental error concerning the true identity of the people. This may seem paradoxical since democracy is supposed to be the system of the people par excellence. Few systems, none to be exact, claim to represent the people, its welfare, its rights and its sovereignty more than democracy. And yet democracy seems to be unaware of who the people truly are. Actually, it is well aware. The great democrats know quite well who the people are, but they distrust them. Nothing is more dangerous to democracy than the people. That is why democracy will always claim to serve the people while only permitting a small number to rule in their stead. What democracy demands from the people is legitimacy. It does not care about their opinion." These are the days when anything goes and only time will tell if democracy goes with it.
The End of Democracy
5 Stars Loaded with Truth Bombs
on November 3, 2017
Loaded with truth bombs, this book will knock your socks off and blow your hair back!