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Catechism of Mental Prayer

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
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Are you looking for a structured introduction to the powerful practice of mental prayer? We have created just the book for you! The Catechism of Mental Prayer booklet is the perfect pocket-sized guide to take your inner journey directly into meditation. This comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand guide explains what mental prayer is and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

This booklet has been crafted to help readers seek a true understanding of mental prayer as a form of meditation. Unlike larger textbooks, this concise guide is designed to keep beginners engaged in their practice by providing insight into the three basic aspects of meditation: attitude; methods; and application. With each topic explained in depth, you’re sure to get a better grasp of the spirituality and power behind Mental Prayer.

At the same time, we understand not everyone embarking on this journey is in need of an intense course -- some might only require basic knowledge and instruction. That’s why our booklet is applicable for all skill levels from novice initiates all the way up to experienced masters! Whether you’re just beginning your quest for a deeper understanding of mental prayer or if you merely need a refresher about its key concepts, The Catechism of Mental Prayer offers it all in one convenient package. Start your spiritual journey today by getting your copy today!

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Frankini
going from casual to serious in mental prayer

I wanted to read this book because I had done a lot of mental prayer, but I didn't really know the rules or best practices. I just sort of sat down at adoration and thought about my life, God, and the mysteries of the rosary. I knew from a different book on eucharistic adoration that it's generally good to do several types of prayer: thanksgiving, adoration, supplication, and repentance. Beyond that I knew nothing. This book really helps you solidify some of the methodologies to keep in mind, and it explains the logic and reasoning behind each. Basically, this book is going to give you a firm foundation of principles to rely on for mental prayer moving forward.

A Great Short Book on Mental Prayer

Before I purchased the booklet I knew very little on mental prayer, but now I am confident in my abilities to prayerfully contemplate. It is quite short but concise, and can be read in 20 minutes or so. It is similar in size and length to a “pocket Constitution.” If you are looking for a lengthy book on mental prayer, this is not it, but if you are looking for easy to understand and short instructions, this is your booklet. I would especially recommend purchasing it with a larger item as it can cover its cost in what is saved in shipping (I bought this with the very great Joseph Kochiss book on St. Therese of Liseux). Don’t expect this to be a lengthy treatise, but if you want a quick rundown on mental prayer, I couldn’t recommend this more.

Julie Lolos
Mental Prayer De-Mystified

This booklet begins with a catechism (question & answer), the hows and whys of mental prayer. It also contains prayers of preparation to enable a beginner to begin and end a session of meditation. It contains a helpful list of meditation subjects, and aspirations called spiritual bouquets. This booklet can be used by itself, or a together with another devotional book, such as books by St. Alphonsus Ligouri, or St. Louis De Montfort. With this booklet's help, I've begun and you can too!