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The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent

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The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent is an essential book for any Catholic who wishes to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the Church. Spanning over 25 years, this monumental document was one of the most influential councils in Catholic Church history, setting out definitive teachings and doctrines on many major issues.

This newly released edition features Fr. John Hammond Schroeder's authoritative translation of all the pronouncements within the Council. It provides a thorough examination of every aspect covered by its twenty-five sessions, with topics such as Holy Orders, Original Sin, Purgatory, Penance and Communion being discussed in detail. Additionally, it includes three chapters discussing The Nicene Creed as well as clarifying matters such as interpretation of Scriptures and religious traditions that had long been debated between the Protestant Reformers and Catholics. With its careful selection and unquestioned accuracy, this book allows readers access to a wealth of detailed doctrinal teaching from one of Catholicism's most important events.

For anyone interested in learning about or studying the Church's doctrine on particular terms or topics contained within it, The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent is a perfect choice. Its clear presentation allows easy comprehension for readers from any level - novices to advanced students - enabling them to gain a better understanding not only on these topics but on Christianity itself. This edition thus serves as a dependable guide for both personal study and academic occasions alike.

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What a profound text! This is a pillar on which all liberal christianity must be broken. Grateful for this text as I am more prepared in understanding my faith

The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent.

This is an outstanding book to help you grow in your Catholic Faith.