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Understanding Marriage & Family

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Understanding Marriage and Family: A Catholic Perspective looks at marriage and family through the lenses of common sense and the Catholic faith. Through those lenses, a clear and distinct understanding of marriage and family arises which harmonizes with the consensus of past generations. Using clear language, Fr. Sebastian instructs parents and teachers how to understand, explain and defend traditional marriage and family to a new generation which has lost sight of the wisdom of the ages. Filled with lots of helpful objections and answers, as well as clear examples and helpful advice about living a joyful and healthy marriage and family life. The ideal handbook for the bewildered parent or the inquisitive student.

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The unchangeable truth about marriage and sexuality is in our day sunder a general attack by the enemies of God and His Revelation. Since that time, the Church has defended this Divine truth through apologetics. In our days, there is an urgent need of apologetics in defense of the truth especially about marriage and sexuality. Marriage and family, being the vital cell of human society and of the Holy Church, are attacked largely because their natural and obvious meaning is distorted by modern ideological totalitarianism. Understanding Marriage and Family: A Catholic Perspective by Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem., is a true Catholic apologia for marriage and family, showing in a convincing and dialogical manner the beauty of their meaningfulness as planned and created by the infinite wisdom of God the Creator and the Redeemer. This book will surely be of great benefit to everyone who wants sincerely to know the true and unchanging meaning of marriage and family, so that moral beauty and moral health might be restored to the entire family of humankind of our day.
- ✠ Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Mary in Astana

Ascending upon both reason and faith, Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem., with providential clarity, charity, and certainty, dismantles the desolation of lives unmoored from human nature, and marriages divorced from their divine inspiration, proposing anew to all willing to hear, the freeing and fulfilling proposal of Christian marriage in all its solidity and sublimity. Look within to regain hope, recover communion, and rediscover the fullness of married joy!
-✠ Thomas J. Paprocki, Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, IL

In the midst of so much confusion and darkness about marriage and family among Catholics and non-Catholics alike, this book by Fr. Walshe brings much appreciated clarity and light. His precise definitions, cogent explanations and convincing answers to the key objections make this book an indispensable handbook for parents, educators and all those who are seeking to re-propose to the world the truth, beauty and goodness about marriage and family.
- ✠ James S. Wall, Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, NM

Finally, a book that provides clear definitions, makes incisive distinctions, and anticipates all the main objections hurled at both marriage and the family. This is a complete field manual that brings Father Walshe's characteristic warm style and cool logic to the most important battle in the culture war. If you want to defend what St. John Paul II called "the first and the most important path that man walks," look no farther. Highly recommended.
- Patrick Coffin, Host, and co-founder of

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Diego Aguilar
Understanding Marriage & Family: A Review

Understanding Marriage & Family: A Catholic Perspective, written by Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem, delves into the nature and reasoning/logic behind Family and Marriage. He divides the book into two overarching approaches: one natural (human reason) and one supernatural (the Trinity and the Holy family) with each of those further divided into individual parts that flow into each other. Common to both approaches is the composition of the work as follows: definitions, examples and elaboration of ideas, followed by Objections and Answers to common (his words) questions and repeat. As for the two approaches, in the first he specifically refrains from the mention of God (although not out of malice) to focus on arriving at conclusions that Catholics take a step further, explained in the next approach. In the second approach, concepts such as the Trinity and the Holy Family are set forth and then the arguments and discussions flow therefrom. Scattered in-between are comparisons and examples that are brilliantly salient and source material from Sacred Scripture, Greek Philosophy, Papal documents, the Saints (St. Thomas Aquinas), etc. Overall, it was a work set out to explain the Sacrament of Matrimony and the resulting Family life against the Modern World's perspective of the two. 5 of 5 stars and would recommend for those discerning Matrimony, although it can be used by anyone.

Opinion: At first, I thought this book would instruct me in the ways of marriage and family life. I was rather surprised when it turned out to be more of an explanation and justification for marriage and family life so I was a bit disappointed. Nonetheless, I did find it adequate with examples and explanations that solidly define marriage and family life that had been alien to me. And make no mistake, you get the sense that Father has heard it all before (maybe compelled him to write this book?) and wants to lay as clear a reasoning as possible. Although I am conflicted, as I feel the first approach a bit unneccessary as, to me, the second approach is much more salient reasoning, albeit much more philosophical/theological. Father explains his reasoning for both approaches well, as the first is meant to be derived from use of natural reason, while the second uses theological concepts and Reality itself to disseminate the importance of marriage and family. Either way I was surprised that Father manages to make salient points in both approaches, hence my confliction, but overall, it was a good work, despite my objections.