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Manual for Men

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Manual for Men is for men who are in the arena, warriors for Christ and His Church. It is for those men who battle daily for their souls and for their family. It is often a struggle to shed the sins and vices the world offers men, but it's a battle we must fight and win.

In Part I, Bishop Thomas Olmsted calls for Catholic men to step up and "into the breach" in service to God, their families, parishes, and wider communities. In the course of his exhortation, Olmsted unveils:

- How being a Christian man is far more than physical prowess or worldly power
- Why the world and the Church desperately need men--real men--to fight for them in spiritual combat
- The vital importance of prayer and the sacraments in the life of every man
- Why fatherhood, fully understood, is so crucial for every man
- The value of devotion to a patron saint (complete with 10 manly suggestions)
- Most importantly, how men have the perfect model of man in Jesus Christ, and how we can follow his example.

In Part II, Cook presents a treasure trove of prayers, church teachings, and writings from the saints that serve as a tremendous source of inspiration for men seeking to become better men of God. It is at once an essential guide and a profound book of prayers designed specifically for men.

Now, perhaps more than ever, men need to be men. But what it means to be a man has been twisted into a pale and mangled image of true manhood. Manual for Men serves as a field guide and instruction manual for those husbands, fathers, sons and brothers who would become real men of God-- men who protect, physically and spiritually, those entrusted to them; men who sacrifice, pray, fight, love, and live by the example of Christ.

There is a battle for our souls, our families, our world, and Our Lord calls us men to fight. Are you ready to answer the call? Will you accept Bishop Olmsted's plea to "engage in the battle that is raging around you"?

Customer Reviews

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Colin Singleton
Indispensable Resource for Catholic Men, Especially Fathers

I got this book for myself (though not from the good people at Tumblar House) a while back, after being given the Manual for Combating Deadly Sin. The first section, by Bishop Olmstead, is a rallying cry to virtue that modern men NEED to hear. The second section is instructional in why and how to cultivate a life of virtue. The final section is replete with prayers and devotionals especially meant for men.

My two favorite devotionals from the book are the St Joseph Rosary (yes, our Lord's foster father has his own rosary!) and the Litany of the Christian Father. I actually say the "Hail Joseph" every morning as part of my personal prayers.

Are you a Catholic man? You need to add this book to your library. It's travel size, yet a packed spiritual arsenal. I bring it with me to work and pray with it on my breaks.