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"Why Did Adam Fall?" and Other Unasked-For Sermons

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Christian revelation has provided a goldmine of resources to tap into to develop our understanding. But in expanding our minds, it has also led many to ponder many curiosities and difficulties which have solutions that lead us closer to God. The sermon is one way to provide insight into these matters in a way that combines intellectual theory with heartfelt need in our daily lives.

The tongue-in-cheek title of the book proposes that we often wonder much more about the world than we are comfortable with. Some of these questions include things like why Adam fell, but there are others: how to cling to hope after a great loss, how God's mercy and justice can be reconciled with one another, what does it mean to be made in the image of God, the value of being a grandparent, and many other questions. This book answers a lot of the curious, practical questions that we ask ourselves during the course of our lives.

You can read from a list of sample chapters from this book on our blog in Dr. Tiel's section.

Jeffrey Tiel:

Jeffrey Tiel, Ph.D., is a lecturer and author who currently lives in Ohio. He has been a professor at Ashland University, Vanderbilt University, and also the United States Military Academy in West Point. Known for bringing many ancient ideas to life, Dr. Tiel has won many awards as a teacher of philosophy. In addition to philosophy, he is an avid traveler, journeying through much of the Mediterranean world--through Egypt, Italy, Greece, and Israel. These experiences contributed greatly to the rich historical context for the characters and plotline of his trilogy of novels, the first being The Search for Melchizedek.

Customer Reviews

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philosophy that's easy to read and practical

I've gotten the opportunity to read a number of chapters from Dr. Tiel's book because he was nice enough to share them on the Tumblar House blog. He has taught college students for a long time, and his experience shows, because he is a fantastic communicator. This is not some dull, dry, dense philosophy book that is hard to read and dealing with concepts that are hard to grasp. I found all of Dr. Tiel's lessons really easy to follow and enjoyable.

Furthermore, his lessons are practical and have helped me on my spiritual journey. One of my favorite lessons was when he says that we must have a change in attitude in terms of trying to get to heaven. He says the question itself "How do I get to heaven?" is the wrong question, in that it's equivalent to asking how to get into a girl's pants. It's objectifying God. He retorts that the correct question to ask is: "what sort of person do I have to be to become God’s lover?" And this has made an impact on my daily prayer life, where I ask God for the grace to love Him more, and for the grace to understand how much He loves me.

What's more, his novels are even more popular than his philosophy books!