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Insomuch as to Deceive

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Publisher: Tumblar House
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 490
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The fifth book in the Father Baptist series
Fr. John Baptist, loyal gardener Martin Feeney, the formally attired Knights Tumblar, and their friends are back in their wildest adventure yet, Insomuch As To Deceive, the first of a five-part thriller. In this latest outing, acclaimed author William L. Biersach tops himself again - a centuries old murder mystery and a reenactment thereof, a spooky mountain lodge, a séance promised to be a sham which turns out to be authentic, an eerie dance of disembodied lights on a rainy night, the apparent landing of an alien spacecraft in a mountain lake, something that howls savagely in the night and kills for real, the First Council of the Knights Tumblar, and all the Tumblars forgetting everything about these events save Pierre. All this served with eggnog and hot toddies on Christmas Eve; you have a mix only Biersach could produce. Join Fr. Baptist and company in the fifth installment of the popular priest-sleuth detective series.

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William L. Biersach:

William L. Biersach was born in Pasadena, California, on the Feast Day of St. Philip Neri, the "Laughing Saint", in 1953. A product of Catholic grammar and high school, he naturally lost his Faith when the effects of Vatican II came rattling through the world like a maniacal jalopy in the 1960's and 70's. He found his way back to Traditional Rome in 1993 and has been active in trying to reacquaint Catholics with their own religion ever since. The Endless Knot is the first of his Father Baptist novels. He is currently working on the rough draft for the sixth book in the series. He resides in a stone house somewhere in Southern California, likes spicy food, and hopes to retire in Heaven some day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great stories!

The Father Baptist series is great! The stories are well-written and fun; and the awesome background of traditional Catholic life in California is creative, accurate, and amusing. (I've lived my whole life in the Golden State, so I really appreciated that.) I hope this series continues soon!

Can't wait for more!

I have read all of William Biersach’s fiction and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, often laughing out loud as I read. The books are very well written, extremely humorous, and packed with solid Catholic theology. I love the character development and the descriptions and especially the humor. My only issue with this volume is the last line: “To be continued.” I CAN’T WAIT to finish the story!!

Dolores Shawver
Need next book!

Just finishing Book 1 And Wherein You Stand! Please hurry and get out the next one!! This series has been so entertaining in these strange times we are going through. They may be fiction but there is a lot of truth and the characters are all great!!

Want More!

Our family loves the Fr. John Baptist Series. So very entertaining with lots of action AND good Catholic insight. Please ask William Biersach when we can expect the next installment?!

Just what we need!

I could not possibly do his books justice in this tiny space! You have to read them! He is funny, articulate, suspensful and best of all, Catholic! I cannot wait for the next book! Love them all!

Outstanding Funny Spooky Thoroughly Catholic

Here it is 2023 and the sequel to Book 1 must be somewhere in outer space. I LOVE and own all of Mr. Biersach's Fr. Baptiste and Martin Feeney novels - they sit with Michael O'Brien's books in my library. I have never read books where I laugh so hard and also have to put the book down at night because it's too scary to read before bed. At the same time, Mr. Biersach teaches the Catholic faith - pure and undiluted (and very spicy!)

Awesome books!

I have read all these books at least 3 or 4 times each now, they are wonderful. I am a Catholic and absolutely love reading his writings. I have been waiting quite some time now for the next book after "Insomuch as to Deceive". I hope the sequel to this is soon coming. I've given these books as gifts and everyone that reads them, enjoys them beyond belief. Can't wait and I'm always checking for the release!!

Michael Yoder
Please give us more!

Another great book from Mr. Biersach. Very much looking forward to the conclusion to this story and for many more.