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Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers (For Priests)

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Publisher: Sensus Traditionis
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St. Alphonsus Liguori and other saints have always held that each priest is required to do exorcisms and deliverance depending on his state in life. This does not necessarily mean that he will do solemn exorcisms as directed by his bishop but it does mean that, as the saint says, in every parish and diocese there are people who are under attack from the fallen angels who need the assistance of the priest to whom their care and protection has been entrusted.

In His wisdom, Christ, in conferring Holy Orders to the Apostles who then passed them on in an uninterrupted line until this very day, put in the different Orders certain powers necessary to provide for the faithful as well as to protect them and free them from the adversary. One of those Orders was the Order of Exorcist, which in the early Church, was practiced by those ordained to that Order, whether they were a priest or not. Historically, the Church much later restricted the use of the power to priests alone. That restriction does not preclude the use of the powers of the Order of Exorcist, contained in the higher Orders as well, in all instances of diabolic influence but only in those which the Church currently restricts. It is the hope of the editor that this book will provide a modicum number of prayers, which in turn are a kind of guide in how to fend off the attacks of the enemy, for priests so that they may be equipped to faithfully execute their office as pastors of souls.

This text contains various prayers and exorcisms which may be used by any PRIEST without further permission of faculties from his Ordinary. The text constitutes a compilation of prayers written by saints, priests, and exorcists. While the prayers are divided into different parts of this text, their location in a specific part should not be taken as indicative of the only place or time they should be employed. All of the prayers other than the English translation of the minor exorcisms are considered part of the public domain.

The laity are encouraged to buy this for priests who may have a willingness to wage spiritual warfare against the fallen angels in a more precise and direct manner.

Fr. Chad Ripperger:

Fr. Chad Ripperger, Ph.D. is a theologian, Thomistic psychologist, philosopher, author, and exorcist. Father Ripperger was originally ordained in 1997, as a member of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). He now has his own society, the Doloran Fathers, also known as the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, which is located in the archdiocese of Denver. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and a master's degree in theology from Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Ripperger has developed a stellar reputation as a stalwart defender of Catholic tradition. He has an outspoken, no-nonsense approach to the Faith, which many of the faithful see as a breath of fresh air.

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C lee
Deliverance prayers for the laity

It is a great book it has all the prayers you need and more very happy to find such a book thank you

Ann Kraft
Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers

I gifted this book to my priest. Great book with prayers in English and Latin!

Just for Priests

I bought this for our priest. Most of the contents requires the authority of a priest to use. Prayers are in Latin and English. I'm not really sure how much of the contents are available to priests anyway in other forms but it's a nice compilation.

Spiritual Help

I needed this help a long time ago. If I wrote about the events that happened and the demons I had to confront by myself, by the Grace of All Powerful, Faith in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Divine Intercession and Intervention of the Immaculate Conception, the assistance of Arch Angel Michael.... I would not have survived thus far.
Spiritual War is no joke, it's real, very real.

Nicholas Monco
deliverance books -

all good