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Stronger than Steel: Soldiers of the Great War Write to Thérèse of Lisieux

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Publisher: Angelico Press
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Stronger than Steel: How Thérèse of the Child Jesus spoke to those on the battlefields of World War I is an extraordinary book that illuminates a unique period in history. Drawing on letters written by French soldiers during the war, it captures their personal accounts of how they relied on Thérèse de Lisieux, a Carmelite nun who died in 1897 before war broke out. Through these detailed accounts, readers can gain an incredible insight into the power of her presence and her mysticism.

The testimonies provided are unimaginable stories of hope and courage—from being saved from “showers for iron and fire”, surviving perilous danger, receiving miraculous healings even when doctors had despaired, and encouraging resilience through the trials of battle—showing she is indeed “stronger than steel”. This remarkable book gives readers an inside look at the driving forces behind their determination during this horrific time.

This undeniable evidence confirms that Thérèse offered solace to those in times of distress and suffering, making this must-read for all students and enthusiasts of World War I history. Through its captivating pages, Stronger than Steel provides an unprecedented understanding into faith-based experiences during a dire era and showcases an inspiring reminder for all generations about the strength found through prayerful reflection.

Editorial Reviews

“Each letter is a treasure, a true account of God’s presence in the darkness. If there is any book that will bring you hope in these unsettling times and a quiet joy burrowing to the depths of your soul, look no further.”—SISTER MARY NORBERT of the Norbertine Canonesses

“This collection of letters from soldiers fighting in the First World War is truly astonishing, moving, and inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to renew your faith in Christ, your devotion to the saints, and your conviction that God answers prayer and works miracles in the world today.”—DAN BURKE, President, Avila Foundation

“Saint Thérèse is very well known by her fruits, but we don’t know the half of them. For those who think of her as limiting herself to the religious life, this book will be a revelation. It shows her weakness in mortal life translated into glorious power on the battlefield, her illness translated into miraculous healing, and her death translated into protection from death.”—FR. LUKE BELL, author of Staying Tender

“This fascinating collection of letters amounts to a practical exposition of the doctrine of the Communion of Saints. It will surely instill readers with even more confidence in the intercessory power of the saint of Lisieux.”—PATRICK KENNY, editor of To Raise the Fallen

“These letters from the Front will convince all but the most skeptical that the Little Flower was present in the mud, blood, and chaos of the trenches; not only bringing spiritual consolation to the soldiers, but protecting many of them from shells and bullets. This a book to deepen your faith in supernatural realities.”—MAOLSHEACHLANN Ó CEALLAIGH, author of Inspiration from the Saints

Customer Reviews

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Greatest Saint of Modern Times in War

St. Therese of Lisieux has been called the greatest saint of modern times. For most contemporary Catholics, that phrase brings up St. Pio of Pietrelcina, but this collection of letters from the soldiers of WWI helps show why at least one pope and many others gave this title to St. Therese. The letters record many near escapes from danger and miraculous cures, which the soldiers all attribute to the intercession of the Little Flower. Reading it will greatly increase your devotion to God and this humble saint who He so greatly exalted.

Most of the letters (I only recall two exceptions) were written by Frenchmen, which makes sense since St. Therese was not canonized until 1925. So, her cult would have been more local until she was elevated for universal veneration by the Church.

E. Carney
Wonderful Favors granted through the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux

This is a great book and a welcome addition to understanding the life and mission of "the greatest saint of the twentieth century": St. Therese of Lisieux. During WWI, many soldiers prayed to St. Therese and received favors from God through her intercession -- at times even seeing St. Therese amid the battle! Once again, God has shown us through this little saint - so devout and so "made of steel" in her determination to please God - how we should love and trust Our dear Savior.
You will not be disappointed in this book and will return to read it again and again.

Laura Ulfsparre
Treasured letters...

I never knew, that these letters were the beginning of making a great Saint!
The letters from these soldiers are priceless, and many brought tears to my eyes. A wonderful read.

Julie T.
Amazing stories!

This book has some pretty amazing stories of St. Therese's intercession on behalf of French soldiers during World War I. Not only was I captivated by the stories, but I was impressed by the devotion that these soldiers had for Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and their complete faith in her to protect them.

Monica Renzetti
Stronger than steel

I loved the book. I thought St. Theresa was over-rated until I read this book. Now I think she is under-rated. I pray to her daily now.

A gift for my Navy son-in-law

I ordered this as part of my SIL's birthday gift because it looked like such a beautiful book. Unfortunately it was undeliverable to the base he was stationed at. When I emailed Tumblar house they were so kind as to re-ship to his home address. THEY ARE A GREAT SMALL CATHOLIC COMPANY TO SUPPORT!

Hugh Hookway
Stronger than Steel

Encouraging light reading about a great modern saint, tho heavily reliant on French sources. It could have used more nationalities--if there are any available--and maybe more theological depth. A good fast read.

Roberta Santuci
Assistance of Sister Therese before she was canonized.

Book has nice short "chapters"--each letter re" Sister Therese being a separate chapter, so it is easy to read a little each day--or, a lot(since it's so consoling and hard to put down). Will pass it on when I finish to my sister, for whom St,Therese is her patron.