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Women, Words & Wisdom

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Women, Words, and Wisdom is a collection of light but penetrating essays dealing with the vocation of motherhood. It can be read with profit by any wife who feels that she is “just a mom,” any man who “can’t understand women,” and especially by any young woman contemplating marriage. Mrs. Hertz takes her vocation seriously, but not grimly. With her keen insight in the problems and emotions that go with homemaking and her sympathetic sense of humor, she has succeeded in drawing from even the most humdrum aspects of home life the age-old truths of human nature an in proving that theology and philosophy are as necessary in the home as in the university. Although mothers might take this as a “spiritual handbook,” the style is by no means didactic. Woven into the chapters are such amusing incidents as the occasion on which Mrs. Hertz chose a cat for a spiritual director, and the time that her goat ate the family account book. Whether the tone be serious or humorous, Mrs. Hertz’s “words of wisdom” will give the reader a deeper respect for the vocation of homemaking/motherhood.

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Solange Hertz:

An established writer before the Second Vatican Council, Solange Hertz wrote for most Catholic periodicals and had five books to her credit, one a selection of the Catholic Literary Foundation. When she refused to adjust her theology to the new “Spirit of Vatican II,” her manuscripts almost overnight became unacceptable to her former editors. After a series of articles on feminine spirituality for the old Triumph magazine, she continued speaking for tradition by successfully producing The Thought of Their Heart and Sin Revisited on her own.

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Diego Aguilar
"who shall find a valiant woman?...Strength and beauty are her clothing" (Proverbs 31:10,25)

"Beauty of soul depends on strength of character" - Solange Hertz. Women, Words, and Wisdom is a book by Mrs. Solange Hertz that has plenty of Women, Words, and Wisdom. A light and fun read through topics that on the surface have no correlation with each other, but are united under a women's duty in this life. Mrs. Hertz does a phenomenal job of using Scripture, the works of Saints, and theology to showcase her points very Catholicly. Not much more to add other than it is a great read for anyone, but especially women. 5 stars and a great, uplifting pick for loved ones or friends.


I purchased this book for my wife to help her through the challenges of leaving her profession to raise and educate our five children at home. She has greatly appreciate the wisdom and wit of Solange Hertz.

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this book to any Catholic woman out there who just needs a little bit of theological comfort food.