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Saint Philomena: Powerful with God

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
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Saint Philomena: Powerful with God is a special book that provides insight and information on the life of an incredible saint. This extraordinary woman was known as the early Roman virgin-martyr and had her bones discovered in 1802, immediately beginning to answer prayers across a wide range of favors and miracles. Becoming one of only few saints to be raised to their position solely because of their powerful intercession, Saint Philomena continues to offer aid and comfort from Heaven to those below.

This incredible story is told in this amazing book, providing readers with insight into the life of this exceptionally powerful human being. The book dives into her background, offering access to what as little is known about Saint Philomena herself and covering every bit of knowledge when it comes to her miraculous intercessions. Perfect for those searching for spiritual direction, Saint Philomena: Powerful with God offers definitive guidance from above that can help guide our lives no matter what struggles may arise within them.

Those seeking safety and protection or assistance in any facet of life will benefit greatly from reading this spiritual account, helping us look at our relationship with the divine in refreshing new ways. Treat yourself or purchase it as a thoughtful gift for someone else—no matter who you get it for, they won’t regret having access to this truly heartwarming tale!