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The Truth About Saint Joseph

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Introducing the all-new Daily Companion for Young Catholics, a must-have book filled with profound and powerful insights about St. Joseph and his invaluable role in the Universal Church. With edifying words taken directly from the Gospel, this remarkable and exquisite book exposes many of the long-forgotten truths that make St. Joseph great.

This compelling tale takes you through a journey exploring more of who St. Joseph truly is, directly from areas of his life we may have never heard before. Unearth hidden truths about St. Joseph's life led on Earth, in ways others have overlooked in an intimate companionship with Christ that revolutionizes the way we think about him today.

This daily companion provides valuable insight into Joseph's legacy to guide young Catholics on their spiritual path and ensure they can attend Mass more deeply each week with thoughtful contemplation about St. Joseph himself. Combining classical stories with modern devotions, you will witness firsthand how understanding more about saintly heroes like St. Joseph enriches your life as a believer of Catholicism and passes onto others around you selfless love, humility, guidance, and perseverance— it truly is an extraordinary gift to be cherished!

Perfect as an everyday companion or a stocking stuffer this holiday season, give them the power of knowledge by investing in this powerful resource ensconced with value that only comes with knowing deeper truths about one of Christianity’s greatest saints— get your copy today!

Among the things you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s essential that Joseph be descended from King David
  • Why this descendent of Kings was fated to live in poverty and obscurity
  • How Joseph was glorious even in his poverty and humiliation
  • What his daily life in Nazareth was like
  • Why toil and suffering were constant companions to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
  • How he sanctified his daily labor, and how you can sanctify yours
  • Why, without Joseph, Mary could not have become the Mother of God
  • Why Joseph particularly welcomed the visit of the shepherds
  • How — and why — Joseph was essential to the hidden life of Jesus in Nazareth
  • How Joseph was able to remain calm and courageous in affliction and danger; and how you can, too!
  • The three ways in which St. Joseph is an image of the Heavenly Father Himself
  • Why he’s known as “God’s right-hand man”
  • How even now St. Joseph is a benefactor to all members of Christ’s kingdom, including you!
  • Why his death was the happiest a man has ever endured (and three ways he can help yours be happy, too)
  • Why, in times of perplexity, St. Joseph is best the saint to turn to
  • Four reasons St. Joseph particularly deserves your devotion today

    Customer Reviews

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    Peter Flickinger

    Very informative and extremely fun to read!

    Mary Burgett
    Great read!

    My grandfather had the qualities of St. Joseph, hard worker, faithful to God, and loving.