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The Precious Blood or the Price of Our Salvation

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The Precious Blood or the Price of Our Salvation is a compelling testament to the power of faith and the divine justice that one can realize through his or her adherence to the teachings of Christ. Our Savior died for us, by shedding His own blood in His death on the cross, and it is from this same Precious Blood that we receive our salvation. Fr. Faber teaches us that out of this Crucifixion flows grace, martyrdoms, celibacies, heroic charites – all aspects of holiness that shine brightly in contrast to evil works committed in our world. We must take note that God has provided a mechanism to keep His grace flowing throughout all humanity – these are known as the Sacraments, instituted by our Lord Himself during His earthly life. Without that outpouring of His Precious Blood – a miracle endures even after centuries have passed – we would simmer in a darkness due to our inability to encounter true mercy and hope amid tragedy. Consider purchasing The Precious Blood or the Price of Our Salvation now to gain insight into how Our Lord’s sacrifice will save us from ourselves and bring us back into communion with Him.

Fr. Frederick Faber:

Father Frederick Faber was a noted English hymn writer and theologian, who converted from Anglicanism to the Catholic priesthood. His best-known work is Faith of Our Fathers. Though he was a Roman Catholic writing for fellow Catholics at that point, many of his hymns today are sung by Protestant congregations.

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Angel Ov Odd
The Price of Our Salvation

For those unacquainted with Fr Faber let it be said that his writings are rich in spirituality and require concentration- this is not a quick read beach book. Naturally, the topic is most profound. This little review could never encapsulate the depth found in this book. I can tell you though that it will enrich your knowledge of Our Lord’s sacrifice and salvific love. I attend the Traditional Latin Mass and this book helps illuminate the mysteries held within it. Ave Maria