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Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power

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Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Josef Pieper’s “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power” provides powerful insight into the corruptive power of language when manipulated by those in power. Pieper reflects on how language has been abused to control and manipulate people at the cost of truth, wisdom and reality. He shows how tyranny and propaganda distort reality through their use of language, and shows readers a way out of this dangerous situation. With an energy that is both forceful and restrained, Pieper's book is the perfect resource for those seeking to gain a better understanding of how language can be used to distort truth as well as guard against its misuse. With this understanding comes greater ability to navigate our communication-laden world with knowledge and discernment. “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power” is an indispensable guide for anyone looking to refine their thoughts to create real change in today's world.

Josef Pieper:

Josef Pieper was a German Catholic philosopher, at the forefront of the Neo-Thomistic wave in twentieth-century Catholic philosophy. His views are rooted primarily in the Scholasticism of Thomas Aquinas and in the teachings of Plato. In 60 years of creative work as a philosopher and writer, Pieper explicated the wisdom tradition of the West in clear language and identified its enduring relevance.

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Absolutely Must Read

Read Plato's Apology. Then Read Pieper's Abuse of Language-Abuse of Power. Then re-read Plato's Apology. You'll be amazed how much gold there is to be found in both text, and how both texts complement each other.

Steven Godbold

Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power