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God's Healing Mercy

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
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Presenting God's Healing Mercy, a remarkable book by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. In this deep interview with journalist Peter Seewald, deep questions of faith and living that faith in today's world are explored with respect and wisdom.

The insightful conversation transcends religious boundaries and is sure to leave its readers inspired and enriched by the wealth of wisdom on show. Covering topics from reflections on God's mercy to theological discussions about the relevance of Catholicism in our tumultuous times, God's Healing Mercy offers thoughtful answers that transcend cultural differences.

Forgiveness ushers in a wave of divine grace, transforming lives from darkness into spiritual light—this sentiment is well explored throughout the conversations in this extraordinary book with insightful reflection from an experienced theologian in Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. An exploration of Christian concepts such as spirituality, compassion, and love, it is a work that could impact each reader deeply in their journey towards healing.

Spread the message of hope and optimism with this heartfelt book – take part on this sacred journey to spiritual enlightenment through God's Healing Mercy!

Also contained in this book are scriptural spiritual exercises for healing:

  • Learn how to apply scripture to healing spiritual wounds
  • Overcome unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, shame and more
  • Find peace and mercy through the works of Christ
  • Heal brokenness in our culture

Believers long and desperately need to encounter the living, joyful, truthful majestic face of the Father of Mercy healer and lover of humanity. These pages lead to a healing encounter.

Editorial Reviews

"God's Healing Mercy is a must-read for anyone who wants to encounter the living, joyful, and healing face of the Father of Mercy."
-Scott Hahn

"God's Healing Mercy is a gem! Steeped in Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition, Kathleen Beckman has provided us with the consolation of the Truth, Who is Jesus."
-Most Rev. David Kagan
Bishop of Bismark

"This book will no doubt help you to more fully know the great triumph of God's mercy and draw your heart into the life-changing work of mercy that God desires to pour out upon the world in and through you."
-Daniel Burke
Executive Director
National Catholic Register
A Service of EWTN

"A remarkable book! I will be giving it to many people."
-Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review

"God's Healing Mercy is a praiseworthy work! Kathleen Beckman has done a superb job of illustrating the deep mercy of God."
-Msgr. Stephen Doktorczyk
Official at the Holy See, Vatican City State