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The Incorruptibles

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 342
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The Incorruptibles is an invaluable and authoritative resource from the world-renowned author on a unique phenomenon unseen in the modern world. The book offers a comprehensive look at mummification, both natural and artificial, which can’t explain the incorruption of saints’ bodies that have existed uninterrupted for centuries.

The Incorruptibles details 102 canonized Saints, blessed, and venerables throughout history who have experienced this physical state beyond science. This great life-changing phenomenon transcends all boundaries and opens us up to an entirely new realm of possibilities. Readers will be given crucial insight into these miraculous occurrences that accompany many of these figures as they not only bring comfort but also serve as an extraordinary reminder of God's power through their indisputable victories over death.

Take this precious opportunity to explore the steeped history and countless accounts from those who continue to inspire us through their exemplary courage and unwavering faith even in the face of certain death. Join the generations before us in exploring the enigmatic mysteries surrounding "The Incorruptibles" with this invaluable resource offering comfort and consolation as we remember Christ's undeclinable victory over death every day.

Joan Carroll Cruz:

Joan Carroll Cruz was a native of New Orleans and was the educational product of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She attended grade school, high school and college under their tutelage. Mrs. Cruz was a tertiary in the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order (Third Order) since 1968; for eight years she served as Mistress of Formation (Novice Mistress). For her non-fiction books, Joan Carroll Cruz depended heavily on information received from foreign shrines, churches, convents and monasteries.