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John Henry Newman

St. John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was a poet and theologian. One of the most beloved writers and saints of English Christianity, he was first an Anglican priest and founder of the Oxford Movement, and later became a Catholic priest and cardinal. His autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, is one of the great Christian classics.
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    Apologia Pro Vita Sua

    A highly influential figure in the Church of England, John Henry Newman stunned the Anglican community in 1843, when he left his position as vicar of St. Mary's, Oxford, to join the Roman Catholic church. Perhaps no one took greater offense than Protestant clergyman Charles Kingsley, whose scathing attacks against Newman's faith and honor inspired this brilliant response. Apologia Pro Vita Sua, Newman's spiritual autobiography, explores the depths and nature of Christianity with flowing pros...

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    Lead, Kindly Light

    These meditations and devotions by St. John Henry Newman, spanning poetry from his Anglican period (including his most famous and well-beloved poem, "Pillar of Cloud"/"Lead, Kindly Light"), to reflections on God’s Divine Providence from his later period as a Catholic and founder of the Oratory in England, expresses a profoundly confident but deeply human faith that resonates with the very real experiences of modern Christians from all walks of life. These poems intimately show a personal side...

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    Faith and Prejudice

    Faith and Prejudice: Catholic Sermons of Bl. John Henry Newman is a collection of sermons from one of the most beloved figures in Catholic history. This impressive hardcover edition includes sermons that were unpublished during Newman’s lifetime, plus his final sermon delivered in the Church of England. Pope Benedict XVI praised Newman for “the warmth and humanity underlying his appreciation of the pastoral ministry," which are on full display within this book. Those seeking inspiration will ...

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    A Newman Synthesis

    Few religious figures have enjoyed such notoriety as John Henry Newman. His conversion from Anglicanism to the Catholic Church, chronicled in his extensive writing, has been the source of endless debate and discussion. The difficulty confronting the modern reader when faced with such a controversial figure is the task of accurately deciphering his precise thoughts and ideas. In A Newman Synthesis, Erich Przywara has done us exactly this service. In these pages the reader will find an extensiv...

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