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Praying with Saint Augustine

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For years, there have been no books of St. Augustine's prayers available. Finally, in this treasure trove, you will find select prayers from his works -- some of the most potent prayers ever composed. As you read the innermost thoughts of the greatest Church Father, you will be transported in time and learn how to pray with the heart of a saint. St. Augustine's timeless words will help you encounter the "Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new" face-to-face and experience the relationship between praying and believing.

As Dr. Kreeft explains, "No Christian writer, perhaps no writer at all, has ever been as eloquent as St. Augustine. Few have been as philosophically and theologically profound, or as passionately in love with God.... No passages in Augustine's writings are more eloquent than his prayers, or more profound than his prayers, or more saintly than his prayers, for prayer is the very lifeblood of sanctity."

These precious gems are uplifting and accessible to all. Covering a range of topics and styles, they include praise and petition for health, docility, forgiveness, restoration, and salvation. You will also find prayers glorifying the Trinity's attributes, such as wisdom, light, goodness, mercy, and truth, as well as intimate prayers of adoration to the Incarnate Word.

Offering these magnificent prayers will ready you to behold glimpses into the mystery of God. St. Augustine will teach you:

  • The three valuable lessons Jesus taught us about prayer
  • The two things always to pray for and how to pray always
  • Ways to kindle virtues on the road to sanctity
  • How to deepen your love for and devotion to God
  • Line by line wisdom on praying the Our Father

"What better way could we have to know the heart of a man like St. Augustine than to listen to him pray?" Sara Park McLaughlin reflects. "By reading his vast writings, we discover something of the saint's enormous genius and theological insight.... Through his prayers, we experience his relationship to God."

When you pray these prayers fervently you will join forces with the entire company of Heaven in a litany of endless worship and praise. St. Augustine taught that prayer makes you ready to receive God's blessings. As you pray with St. Augustine, be prepared to be blessed!

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