The Latin Mass Explained

The Latin Mass Explained

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Everything needed to understand and appreciate the Traditional Latin Mass. Fr. George Moorman. Extremely informative, yet very easy to read! Explains, prayer by prayer, what happens at the Latin Mass and why. Answers all your questions about the Mass: why Latin is used, silence, bells, specific colors, etc., and how we participate. Ties in beautifully with Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio opening the door to the universal celebration of the Latin Mass.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised

This was the third attempt to gain a document that would explain the detail of the Latin Tridentine Mass. At first I was very exasperated when I began reading about the background to the Mass and thought that this book was just another exercise in the irrelevant corollary aspects of the Mass, and I began hyperventilating with great frustration. Then I turned the page and began reading a chapter that finally began to explain the Mass in detail. I am not finished with the book but I am satisfied that the book indeed does what it says it does - explain the Latin Tridentine Mass in detail. What a relief. Finally a useful document.

A Dramatic History of the Mass

Monsignor Moorman brings the TLM to life in such a way that I can hardly wait to experience one again, through a new lens. Far from the boring, difficult to follow liturgy that the TLM is made out to be, Moorman paints a dramatic picture of the Sacrifice of the Mass that unites not only Old and New Testaments, but all of human religious experience. Do you have to know Latin? No! Do you have to say all the prayers with the priest or the server? Nope! Just be present and take in the awe and majesty of Christ's Divine Labor. Anyone can assist at a TLM, and you don't have to suffer through Haugen, Haas, or the rest of that ilk.

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