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The Wonder of Guadalupe

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 172
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The Wonder of Guadalupe is an essential book that provides the complete story of the apparition of Our Lady in 1531 in Mexico City. It unravels history unlike any other narrative on the miracles that surrounded Guadalupe, providing readers with a comprehensive synopsis of this powerful event.

Readers will find out more about the Conquest of Mexico as well as the conversion of the Aztecs that shaped pre-colonial religion and formed new spiritual practices. This book demonstrates how devotion to Mary quickly spread and continues to play a large role among modern religious communities.

Detailed knowledge is provided through descriptions, illustrations, and research from many sources including individual testimonies from those who witnessed firsthand accounts from Our Lady. All sources were carefully studied and analyzed to draw conclusions offering readers with insight into all cultural implications and ramifications to this mater within historical context.

The Wonder of Guadalupe is widely regarded as one of the greatest literary works on this subject - beautifully preserving both spiritual modesty and intellectual curiosity by combining scholarship with vivid sceneries built up around events recorded in early colonial documents. Don't miss out on this remarkable venture into a fascinating piece of literature!