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The Wonders of the Mass

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The Mass is the most remarkable event in human history, and we are its privileged participants. Every Mass is a heaven-sent opportunity to meaningful union with God Himself. It is a foretaste of the incredible banquet that awaits us in eternity.

And yet, many Catholics sadly remain ignorant of the Mass's profound qualities and purpose. They coastal through the sacred liturgy, not realizing that the Mass is the source and summit of our Christian life.

It doesn't have to be this way! The Wonders of the Mass booklet will open your eyes to the unending richness of this holy sacrifice. Through Scripture passages, quotes from the saints, and Our Lord's own words in revelations to various mystics, you will come to appreciate why the Mass is rightly called "the greatest wonder in the world."

Don't let another day go by without deepening your understanding and love for the Mass. Pick up your copy of The Wonders of the Mass today!

Paul O'Sullivan:

Paul O'Sullivan, CM (January 1, 1952 - March 9, 1989) was a Canadian politician who left politics and became a Roman Catholic priest. He eventually become Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Toronto, as well as publisher of The Catholic Register newspaper.

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Matthew Corrigan
Wonderful Quotes

Excellent quotes and ancedotes about the Mass by a great Dominican to increase devotion. Definitely recommend