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Chasing Liberty

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Publisher: Linden Publishing
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Book 1 in the Chasing Liberty Series

Set in the not-so-distant future where faith, family and freedom do not exist . . . Liberty 554-062466-84 of Aldonia lives in a responsible society that cares for the earth and everyone on it. They have learned to balance resource consumption with replacement initiatives, unavoidable pollution with clean-environment efforts. Science ensures that every baby born is healthy. The government ensures that every baby born is needed. All are cared for, taught, and given a specific duty to perform, their unique contribution to society. Why is Liberty so unsatisfied?
In less than two weeks, Liberty must begin her vocation. Every girl in Aldonia wishes she had Liberty's vocation. Liberty would rather flee from Aldonia and live on her own, independent of the all-controlling government, the Regimen Custodia Terra. The high electrical Boundary Fence crushes any thought of escape. The ID implant imbedded in her hand makes it impossible to hide. She has no choice but to submit. Liberty is slated to be a Breeder. As vocation day draws near, a man with an obsession for Liberty attacks her and injects her with a drug. She's about to lose consciousness when someone comes to her rescue, a man in a mottled cape and dark glasses. She wakes in an underground facility where people watch over Aldonia with an array of monitors and surveillance equipment. These people are full of secrets, but she discovers one thing: they rescue a man scheduled for re-education. Liberty gains a glimmer of hope. They rescued him. They can rescue her.
Sexuality: Violence & Gore: Profanity: Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking:

Theresa Linden:

Raised in a military family, Theresa Linden developed strong patriotism and a sense of adventure. She began writing in grade school and her passion for writing has never waned. Love for faith, family, and freedom inspired her to write the Chasing Liberty trilogy, a dystopian story about a future she hopes never becomes a reality. She is also the author of award-winning "Roland West, Loner" the first in a series of Catholic teen fiction. A member of the Catholic Writers Guild and the International Writers Association, she balances her time between family, homeschooling, and writing. She lives in northeast Ohio with her husband, their three teenage boys, and a sweet old dog named Rudy.

Editorial Reviews

"I just finished the book, it was excellent. It is a hypothetical of what could happen to this country and the world when government controls you from cradle to grave and how a young woman by the name of Liberty is chasing just that liberty and freedom. It is a must read as this book takes you further in what happens to a society that is government run than the book Agenda 21 by Harriet Parke and Glenn Beck." -Joe Goldner, co-host at The Truth Is Out There-Voice of the People Radio Show! 

"Chasing Liberty is a fast-paced novel set in a futuristic, dystopian society that has eliminated individual freedoms for the greater good of society. When Liberty seeks to escape her fate the chase is on. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride through a narrative filled with tension, hostility, excitement, and misdirection. Important themes of greed, power, corruption, friendship, hope, faith, and family add weight to the story. Ms. Linden is a writer with something to say and she says it in a voice that is strong, clear, and passionate." -Ronald Paxton, author of "Winter Songs" "Haven" and "Soul Man" 

"The author creates a realistic vision of a future in which politically-correct, secular, and environmental ideals are taken to the extreme. She paints a physical world so real the reader feels with Liberty her yearning to live free in the natural beauty that has always been kept out of reach." -Carolyn Astfalk, author of "Stay with Me"

Customer Reviews

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Leslea Wahl
Dystopian at it's finest.

This dystopian Catholic YA novel by Theresa Linden is the first book in her Liberty series for older teens. This novel provides a fascinating look into a future world where religion has been eliminated. What I love about this book is the concept that God would still reach us and communicate with us even if we had never been told about Him.
The main character, Liberty, has grown up in a world void of families and faith. But she has been guided through her life by an inner voice she refers to as her “friend”. Until she is given an opportunity to live outside this controlled environment, she wonders if this inner voice is something she has made up.
Dystopian stories are always an interesting premise to think about. I love the Christian viewpoint that goodness, love, and faith will continue no matter what we might face. This is a wonderful read with plenty of discussion opportunities for older teens.

Carolyn Astfalk
A future in which politically-correct, secular, and environmental ideals are taken to the extreme

Under the rule of the Regimen in futuristic Aldonia, life and love are separated. God and family are eradicated. Freedom and privacy are non-existent. Or are they?

While the Regimen Custodia Terra has preserved Mother Earth, saving it from the pox of humanity, it has rationed life and personal freedom, creating a morally-bankrupt but compliant society. For Liberty, born of a breeder and raised in age-appropriate governmental facilities, even that cannot extinguish the spark of life within her. By preserving her innocence, privacy, and creativity to the extent allowed, she is able to hear the still, small voice in her heart—the voice she recognizes as her Friend.

The truths that are written on her heart lead her to trust a mysterious stranger who saves her from both physical danger and a life of utilitarian drudgery. For all the effort of the Unity Troops, the Regimen cannot completely quell love and the sacrifices it demands.

Liberty takes the reader on a wild ride through her escape, her first experiences of sacrificial love, God, and community, and her risky return to Aldonia, where recapture means re-education.

Theresa Linden delivers a strong, determined heroine guided by convictions and a virtuous hero, who can treat Liberty with gentleness and compassion in one moment and kick some Regimen butt in the next.

The author creates a realistic vision of a future in which politically-correct, secular, and environmental ideals are taken to the extreme. She paints a physical world so real the reader feels with Liberty her yearning to live free in the natural beauty that has always been kept out of reach.

The ending all but begs for a sequel - one I look forward to reading!