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When Sam Moorcroft clambers out of the observation trench and walks into the Ely Project enclosure he knows that his life has changed forever. If he is caught the penalty will be chemical curtailment or worse.

Sam survives on his wits among the enclosure subjects. He works alongside them in their mills and farms, drinks with them in their pubs, celebrates with them in their festivals honouring their strange gods, and eventually falls in love with Smith, the tough young woman who takes him in and cares for him. No one guesses Sam’s secret, that he from the beyonds where the demon lives and where no one decent would dare to travel, even in their thoughts.

One day, however, Sam is snatched back to the world he came from, a world of horrors worse even than the demon, where the state thinks nothing of holding men and women in the subtle slavery of the enclosure for the sake of science and entertainment. Far from being punished, Sam is offered the opportunity to return to enclosure again and again in the service of the government. The offer, to join the elite company of Interlanders who walk in two worlds, is overwhelmingly tempting. Sam must decide quickly who he loves and who he is prepared to betray.

To live your life in terror of the demon terrible, to become the demon is much, much worse…

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Sexuality: Moderate

A boy spies a girl's naked back. Sex is implied several times.

Violence & Gore: Moderate

A forced abortion is referred to.

Profanity: Moderate Some British cuss words are used. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: Moderate One of the main characters drinks in a pub. In another instance, he uses a drug with a girl, to their detriment.
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Customer Reviews

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A deep exploratory endeavor, to walk in two worlds

The sci-fi quality of the book relates to the new type of humanity that liberalism promotes: an artificial humanity fashioned by man, not God. Whereas the people that are isolated in the "state of nature" as some philosophers might say, possess the old God-given humanity. It is interesting to note that these people develop a type of religion which shares many elements with Christianity. In this way, the author states that the existence of a Christian-type God is self-evident to all of mankind.

The work is ambitious in the sense that it explores deep philosophical concepts, but at the same time, it doesn't spell these things out for the reader. Therefore, the readers has to do the math himself. So a person who is looking for a story that satisfies on a more basic level will be vastly disappointed in this, for all of its enjoyment relates to the thought-provoking themes that translate to our own lives. Lastly, the book may disappoint readers who are looking for explicit Catholicism as is typical of books in the Catholic fiction genre. Nevertheless, the book is totally original and thought-provoking, making it a worthy endeavor for the adventurous reader.

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