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Ven. Mary of Agreda Books

Mary of Agreda was a Franciscan abbess and spiritual writer, known especially for her extensive correspondence with King Philip IV of Spain and reports of her bilocation between Spain and its colonies in New Spain (now New Mexico and Texas). She was a noted mystic of her era. A member of the Order of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Conceptionists, Mary of Jesus wrote fourteen books, including a series of revelations about the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her bilocation activity is said to have occurred between her cloistered monastery in rural Spain and the Jumano Indians of central New Mexico and West Texas, and inspired many Franciscan missionaries in the New World. In popular culture since the 17th century, she has been dubbed the Lady in Blue and the Blue Nun, after the color of her order's habit.
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    The Mystical City of God

    Uncover the captivating mysteries of the Blessed Virgin Mary with The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda. This highly acclaimed abridged edition of her monumental, four-volume work is overflowing with fascinating information about our Lord and Lady, including their lives prior to the New Testament, Lucifer's rebellion in the form of Satan, and so much more. Learn about the real meanings behind passages from the Bible and explore Christ's hidden life like never before. This book ...

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    The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin

    Discover and learn about the Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin with this book. This version is shorter and faster to read than our other abridgment, but with its delicious prose, it just flows and flows! The narrative takes readers on a journey through Our Lady's participation in the events of Our Lord's Passion and death. It also reveals how Angels served the Blessed Virgin during her life on earth, as well as how devils waged war against her—all the while she was receiving tremendous grac...

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