A Book of Angels: Stories of Angels in the Bible

A Book of Angels

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Sadly, modern believers are often tempted to look upon angels as one of the more fanciful elements of Scripture. However, this illuminating and entertaining collection of angel stories from the Bible shows that there are simply too many angels for them to be metaphorical, allegorical, or unimportant.

This book is specifically designed for children so that they will come to know and revere angels. Marigold Hunt explains what angels are (and are not!) and gathers here in one volume most of the stories of angels in the Bible, including exciting tales of:

  • The fallen angels, beginning with the devil himself, tempting Adam and Eve
  • The angel who barred the gates of Eden so Adam and Eve could never enter again
  • The angels who announced that Sara, Abraham s aged wife, would have a baby
  • The angels who tried to save Lot from destruction with the city of Sodom
  • The angel who stayed Abraham s hand as he was about to sacrifice his son Isaac
  • The angels in Jacob s dream who climbed the stairway to Heaven
  • The angels who saved Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago from the fiery furnace
  • The angel Raphael, who shielded Tobias from death, and protected his wife Sara
  • The angels at the Ascension who chided the apostles for staring at the sky
  • The angel Gabriel, who foretold the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist
  • The choirs of angels who sang above Bethlehem when Jesus was born
  • The angel who carried food to Daniel when he was imprisoned in the lion s den
  • The angel who freed Peter from prison, and, of course:
  • The countless angels who fill the marvelous pages of the Book of Revelation

    Children will love all of these exciting tales.

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