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A Catholic Woman's Guide to Relationships

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 200
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As a Catholic woman, it can be challenging to maintain healthy relationships with others. Whether you are dealing with ongoing criticism or constant arguing, it can be all too easy to become stressed out and feel burdened by your relationships. But thankfully, there is hope for finding deeper, more authentic love and freedom in your relationships.

In her latest book in the acclaimed Catholic Woman's Guide series, author Rose Sweet shares her golden nuggets on how to navigate difficult relationships and overcome common obstacles like resentment and negative thinking. Drawing on her own experiences as well as the wisdom of Church teachings on the Theology of the Body and contemplative prayer, Sweet offers practical guidance and inspiration for achieving true freedom in your personal interactions with others.

If you're looking for real help and support in your relationships, then don't miss this empowering guide from one of today's most trusted voices on Catholic femininity. Embrace your true calling as a Catholic woman, and start creating the fulfilling relationships you deserve today!

Topics include:

  • Exposing the little ways in which we tend to use even the people we love
  • Learning to hear and speak another’s emotional language
  • Changing poison patterns in relationships
  • Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Knowing when, how, and why to reinvent or even end a relationship
  • Embracing the power and freedom of solitude

If you're a Catholic woman searching for a deeper understanding of relationships, this book is for you. In A Catholic Woman's Guide to Relationships, Rose Sweet draws upon her own life experiences and wisdom to offer readers a roadmap for healthier, holier relationships.

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