A Voice in the Wilderness

A Voice in the Wilderness

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Church, America, and the World

A Voice in the Wilderness collects for the first time all the major writings of Archbishop Viganò from August 2018 to January 2021, with explanatory introductions and notes by Brian M. McCall. Finally available in one place to allow for easy access, assimilation, and debate, it is the definitive edition of an extraordinary body of pronouncements that have stirred up vehement controversy on all sides. Regardless where one stands in its regard, Viganò’s arresting message cannot be ignored. Ultimately, it is one of conversion to Christ the King, the Truth in person, who sets us free from the accumulating slaveries of our time.

Editorial Reviews

“Archbishop Viganò is that rarest of mortal men: one who speaks the truth whatever the cost to his career or his standing with his fellow bishops.”

president of the Population Research Institute


“These collected interventions give a clear insight into Viganò’s thinking and allow readers to judge for themselves the cogency of his analysis of the causes, and the remedies, of the present crisis in the Church.”

pastor of the Church of the Holy Family


“Archbishop Viganò’s bold and steadfast witness elevates the weary, rescues the lost, and leads the disheartened to Christ. This paragon of moral clarity and courage belongs among the pantheon of great Catholic thinkers and saints.”

founder of Yore Children


“What would we do without Angelico Press! Once again, it presents us with a collection of documents that speak most closely to the needs of the Catholic Church at this exact moment.”

moderator of “Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment” blog


“Archbishop Viganò shows us that there are still true shepherds of the flock who know that their task is that of repeating the Master’s unchangeable authoritative teaching in all its fullness, and of driving those who do not do so from the temple precincts.”

director of the Roman Forum


“Archbishop Viganò’s missives have been a beacon of light and a freshening spring to souls thirsting for the light-infused waters of Truth.”

president of the Lepanto Institute


“Archbishop Viganò’s willingness while he was U.S. nuncio to relay messages from us at the Covenants Initiative (a Muslim peace movement) to Pope Francis about the newly-rediscovered Prophetic Covenants was very helpful to our efforts.”

co-founder of the Covenants Initiative

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Sandra Vanyo
The Truth will set US Free

"A Voice in the Wilderness", by Archbishop Vigano, is a masterpiece. Archbishop Vigano is truly a disciple of Jesus the Christ. Only by uprooting all evil of both the "deep state" and "deep church" and bringing this evil into the light, will we be able to bring freedom, justice and healing into this horrendously fallen world. Praise be our Creator for sending US this fearless defender of Truth, Love and Light. May he remain protected always!

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